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The governors and staff at St. Mary's Christian School recognize that:

Global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly in and global communication is a daily reality. Our students have access to the internet and increased opportunity to travel, to watch news stories from. around the world as they develop, and for example, to follow international sporting events as they happen.

The global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students, the ethos of the school, the programmes of study and key skills.

As a school we have a commitment to both gender and racial equality.

Global dimension policy

The governors and staff at SMCS recognize the increasingly interdependent and interrelated world our students live in, and the challenges this creates in our shared future,


To embed the global dimension within the school internal and external curriculum, engaging students to celebrate their own cultural identity and to foster respect for other cultures, languages and religion. Understand complex international interdependencies in the global economy.
To prepare students for life in a diverse global society and work in a competitive global economy.
To work with global partners to achieve their educational goals and ours.
Enjoy regular contact with students and adults living in different countries.


To work towards achieving and maintaining the International School Award.
To conduct annual audits of both our formal and informal curricula which, in turn, inform action plans to develop each of the seven key concepts of the global dimension through all appropriate areas of the curiculum so there is a clearly mapped gobal dimension in the learning experiences for all our students. These seven key concepts are recognized as:

- Diversity
- Conflict Resolution
- Human Rights
- Interdependence
- Social Justice
- Sustainable Development
- Value and Perceptions

To develop and fully exploit a variety of global learning partnerships. This will include activities such as:
- email and internet projects including video conferencing
- interacting with visitors from other countries (students and adults)
- student/staff visits to places of cultural interest in other countries.
- student exchange and foreign work experience placements.

To actively encourage the study of foreign languages for all our students by offering a range of appropriate language options.
To organise regular celebrations of our rich and diverse heritage.
To enable children, staff and governors to experience daily life in other countries.
To promote the use of lCT in meaningful contexts for the development of communication skills.
To provide an added opportunity for the promotion of equal opportunities. racial equality and citizenship.


As a result of implementing this policy we would expect that our students and teachers as well as those of partner schools will:-

Integrate the global dimension into the whole school curriculum by raising staff awareness of valid curriculum links.
Develop a strong awareness of similarities and differences in lifestyles and culture in a range of other countries.
Involve staff (including extended school), students and wider community in the development of contacts with our global partners.
Involve parents in celebratory exchanges as events sharing their expertise experience.
Develop relationships with partner schools with a focus on enriching the whole school curriculum and communication via lCT.
To research possible involvement in other schools and other international programmes, that further develop or meet the policy aims.
Promote international vocational links within the aims of this policy.
Increase the awareness of the global dimension to staff, students and the wider community across the whole school.
Identify and embed the global dimension in new areas of the curriculum.
Develop current and new global relationships.