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The Manager speaks...

Mr. John Vianney Sharma
(Founder Manager)

St. Mary's Christian School is today acknowledged as one of the leading institutions in the District and enjoys a reputation built of the achievements of the past two decades of its dynamic existence. Our students have over the years distinguished themselves in all fields of endeavour.
Academically, Marians have regularly featured among the top performers at the CBSE Board Examinations. They have gone on to excel at various Universities in India and abroad and have also achieved the highest academic honours and scholarships.

SMCS enjoys regular interaction with other leading schools across the globe in a variety of educational and cultural activities. Marians have excelled at State and National level sporting & creative and Olympiads competitions and have also distinguished themselves in Inter and Intra-School co-curricular activities.

SMCS Alumni are to be found in every walk of life. They are active in various professions, leaders in industry and as academics are found in universities throughout the world.

We are constantly motivated by the credence that our parents have shown in us by entrusting their precious children to our loving care.
In a nutshell, SMCS is the second home for every child who enters its gates, a temple of learning , a centre of excellence, a place where children are nurtured with culture , heritage & tradition while developing the qualities and strength of each child. It engages with the needs and interests of the modern society in coherence with the intrinsic spiritual and moral values.
I assure you that SMCS would prove to be the right school for your child where exceptional standards of academic excellence are entwined with high levels of Co-curricular activities and cultural enrichment.