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Good Posture reflects Good Personality

July 13 , 2019

SMCS always aims to guide children for their mental & physical well being. In context of the same a successful drill was conducted to guide students for their bag holding ways.

1)    Carrying School Bags the wrong way can cause Neck and Back pain in children.

2)    One simple modification can prevent them from getting back pain. Improper school bag carrying techniques followed by students was identified & guided to follow correct ways.

As per guidelines given the students of Grade I to XII

·    Do not let your bag hang down from your shoulders. Use the strap and make sure the bag is as close to the body.

·   The Bag and Body should function like one unit.

·   If the child hangs the bag down, it pulls more pressure on the lower back.

·   Students were guided not to hold bag on one shoulder & let it hang because this cause increase in pressure on the neck, upper back and lower back.

·   So wear the bag on both the shoulders so that the weight would distributed evenly.

Workshop on Safety of Girls

July 03 , 2019

With a purpose of girls’ & women’s safety a workshop for girls of grade IX – XII was organised at SMCS with the support of Uttar Pradesh Government officials- Shri Govind Singh S.I. Sahibabad, Ms. Manju Sharma Head Constable, Sahibabad & Ms. Pooja Sharma, Mahila Kalyan Vibhag, U.P. Government. It was based on Women power line. They advised & gave various suggestions for self defence & self protection of girls. They focussed on “Right to live Respectfully & Right to Safety”. The consequences of different signs of harassment like touch, comments, follow up, Eve Teasing, domestic Violence were discussed. The helpline numbers applicable in different situations were shared with the female students so that they can opt if required. Installation of “Pink box” within school premises for filing the silent complaints from students was officially planned.

Also school administration was suggested to train the girls through Judo, Scout & Guides activities which SMCS has been shouldering since its inception. SMCS is thankful to the U.P Government for taking this initiative for apprising the girls on self- defence & self protection.

Closing Ceremony of Summer Camp 25 May 2019

May 25 , 2019

The journey of these 10 days of summer camp at SMCS was marvellous. Each day traversed was a path to new learning. The facilitators alongwith the students enjoyed each & every moment of it, while learning numerous skills. The summer camp ended with a closing ceremony that included cultural performances & martial art demonstration. The students also enjoyed pool activity & camping, today. The Summer Camp 2019 at SMCS was a plethora of activities & all the students will cherish its memories throughout.

Summer Camp 15 May 2019

May 15 , 2019

Summer Camps offer a structured opportunity for children to grow, became independent, confident, make new friends, learn new skills & above all have fun.

SMCS took the initiative to provide all fun & learning opportunities to the children. Today was the first day. Children enjoyed the day through various activities like Zumba, art & craft activities, English literary skills, foreign language & various sports activities.

Workshop on "Say no to Tobacco" at SMCS

May 13 , 2019

To inculcate awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco, SMCS organised a workshop on “Say No to Tobacco” for students of Grades IX-XII. The speaker Dr. Abhishek Yadav from Yashoda Super speciality Hospital, apprised the students about the ways to abstain themselves from any kind of addiction. Students pledged to be conscientious citizens by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Global Road Safety Week (2019)

May 10 , 2019

On account of celebration of global road safety week, Marians of SMCS shouldered the responsibility to create awareness among the bus drivers of SMCS about road safety rules & importance of observing traffic rules.

Posters, Placards, Slogans highlighting the observance of traffic rules were displayed. Also students of grades VI-VIII took the initiative to sensitize the students of grades Pre-Nursery to V about the various aspects of roads safety. Our young Marians seem to assimilate their role as empowered future citizen & embrace the responsibility to bring a change in the society.

Inter House Debate Competition 2019

May 08 , 2019

SMCS organised an Inter House Debate Competition for grades XI & XII on 8th May 2019 on account of celebration of National Technology Day. The speakers of various Houses spoke eloquently on the topic –

Pokhran nuclear test immensely contributed towards scientific & ammunition development in India.


Nuclear Test Ban Treaties are just namesake. No country should have the authority to use nuclear weapons in any condition.

The aim of the competition was to hone public speaking skills of the students and to sensitize the Marians about the pros & cons of ammunition development. The session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts & ideas & perspectives.


Mother's Day Celebration (Zumba Session & Health Check-Up) 2019

May 04 , 2019

On account of celebration of upcoming Mother’s Day SMCS organised a free Health Checkup for all the others, grandmothers / female guardians of Marians on 3rd May 2019 because they are the ones who sacrifice & neglect their own health for their family members. Also to add a splash of fun to this health checkup SMCS organised Zumba sessions for our mothers. Mothers immensely enjoyed and benefitted from this health checkup.

Health Checkup of Helping Staff

May 04 , 2019

As continued of Labour Day, at SMCS a medical check up of the Helping Staff was organised by our Health Partner Yashoda Superspecialty Hospital. A team of doctors conducted the camp which included Blood-Sugar Check-up and Eye Check-up. Necessary medical advice was given to them for future reference.

Dengue & Malaria Awareness Workshop (2019)

May 04 , 2019

Diseases like Dengue & Malaria can hamper health system in any developing country. School can play an excellent role in delivering important health education messages to school children through various workshops.

Today, Students from Grades VI-VIII attended a workshop on Awareness about Dengue & Malaria. The speaker Dr. Poonam from Yashoda Superspecialty hospital apprised the students about preventive measures to combat dengue & malaria hence keeping themselves & their family safe.

EVS Workshop to enhance Teaching Learning Process (01.05.2019)

May 01 , 2019

EVS workshop was conducted by Mr. Asim Abbas at SMCS on 1 May 2019. It was an interactive workshop based on many child friendly class room activities. The resource person emphasised that an environment needs to be created wherein the children are motivated to logically think & reason. It was quite an effective workshop, where teachers went through various ways to enhance their teaching learning process by using hands-on practical approach.

Labour Day Celebration at SMCS (01.05.2019)

May 01 , 2019

Today SMCS celebrated Labour Day to acknowledge the efforts of our care givers. A special programme was organised. The Helping Staff was presented with thanku cards, handmade gifts reusing waste materials by Marians of grades III-V and special handmade badges gifted by Marians of Grades IX-XII.

The event organised to forge a better understanding the efforts of the helping staff towards the smooth functioning of the institution and appreciate the hard toil of the caregivers throughout the year.

English Workshop on Effective methodologies for teaching English Grammar

April 30 , 2019

Workshop & Seminars are an inherent part of SMCS culture. A workshop on Effective methodologies for teaching English Grammar at pre-primary & primary level was organised. The Resource person Ms. Rubina Malhotra apprised our educators on new methodologies of teaching Grammar having an eclectic approach & how to make best use of English Teaching Resources. The workshop was quite interactive & beneficial for the educators.

House Meeting (24-04-2019)

April 24 , 2019

The first House Meeting of this session was conducted today at SMCS. All the Marians from grades III-XII experienced an association with their respective Houses. Through the House Meetings SMCS aims at inculcating in students the experience of being together as a group that fosters faith in working as a community, upholding social values.

Earth Day Celebration

April 22 , 2019

Like every year, on this Earth day Marians took a pledge to make a lifestyle change that would impact not only those within the school premises but also the community, outside. They celebrated this day through various fun activities like Nature walk, plantation drive, poster making & recycling of waste materials. Also a cultural programme was organised. Through these activities the student community was engaged in making a difference to the society. The day was a great success as students realized the need of conservation of resources and protecting our Mother Earth.

Science Workshop to digitalise the teaching of Science in classrooms

April 22 , 2019

To facilitate our educators teaching Science with latest digital platform, a workshop was conducted by the resource person Ms. Aditi (NIIT Publishers) today at SMCS. The teachers were empowered with the ways to digitalise the teaching of Science in classrooms for effective teaching learning process. All the concerned teachers participated enthusiastically in it.

Behavioral problems among children and Classroom Management Strategies

April 20 , 2019

To impart effective teaching in classrooms a workshop was conducted by our School Counsellor Dr. Neeti Gupta. The facilitators were empowered on the issues on Behaviour problems among children & effective classroom management. The workshop was quite interactive & helped the teachers devise innovative strategies. It was an excellent experience for the teachers.

Easter Day Activities

April 18 , 2019

Easter is a Festival celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today Marians of Grades Pre-Nursery to II celebrated Easter & good Friday through various activities like making of paper glass bunny, bunny head gear, egg decoration, thumb impression, etc. It was a sheer delight to see the tiny tots learn about these festival by watching an animated movie.

Inter House Wall Magazine Competition (World Health Day)

April 15 , 2019

World Health Day

Inter House Wall Magazine Competition

An Inter House Wall Magazine Competition was held within the school premises on 6th April 2019 for Classes IX & X. Theme of the competition was: Components of Adolescent Health, on account of World Health Day, in order to enhance their knowledge of good health & mind. Students participated with great zeal & enthusiasm. They displayed appreciable information on the boards. It was a sheer delight to see them expressing themselves so beautifully through the medium of art. They were judged on the basis of the following rubrics- Relevance to the content, Creativity & Presentation.




· Utkarsh Mishra (X B)

· Ananya (X B)

· Ryana Kasana (X B)

· Urooz Chaudhary (X B)

· Saumya (X C)

· Arush Verma (IX A)



· Ayush Kumar (X B)

· Shumaila Naaz (X B)

· Harsh Chauhan (X C)

· GargiBanerjee (X C)

· Gaurang (IX A)


1st Runner Up

· Jahnvi Sahni (X B)

· Khushi Srivastava (X B)

· Chanchal (X A)

· Samiya Saifi (IX A)


2nd Runner Up

· Kajal Prajapati (X C)

· Hari Shankar (IX A)

· Aryaman Sharma (IX A)

· Deepal Verma (IX A)

· Drishti Jain (X C)

· Harshita Singh (IX A)



KUDOS to all the winners!!

Baisakhi Celebration 2019

April 12 , 2019

SMCS celebrated Baisakhi festival with zeal & fervor. The Kindergarten tiny tots came dressed in Punjabi attire and enjoyed the celebration through activities like colouring worksheet, pinwheel making & other Baisakhi theme based art & craft activities, Marians realized the significance of this festival and revelled in its enjoyment.

Yoga Session for Teaching Faculty

April 09 , 2019

Yoga & Sports promote good physical, mental & spiritual health of an individual. Helping teachers to achieve overall health as a part of World Health day Celebration, SMCS organised Yoga session and some sports activities for teaching faculty. All the staff members participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves.

Community Outreach Programme (Nukkad Natak)

April 09 , 2019

Today Marians shouldered the responsibility of sensitizing the local residents about the importance of their vote in upcoming Parliament Election through a Nukkad Natak at Chandrashekhar Park in Shalimar Garden Extension-II. The students were highly praised and they were able to instill an excitement among the residents about the upcoming election.

World Health Day Celebration Activity 2019 (III-V)

April 08 , 2019

Marians of Grades III-V enhanced their knowledge about good health & balanced diet through the activity of role play as fruits & vegetables explaining their nutritious value and thus participated in the celebration of World Health Day.

World Health Day Celebration 2019 (IX, X & XII)

April 06 , 2019

Today Marians of Grades IX, X, XII celebrated World Health Day through activities like Zumba, Yoga session, wall magazine making & poster making competitions, empowering our adolescents with good health & mind.

World Health Day Celebration (2019)

April 05 , 2019

On 6th April 2019 Marians of Grades Pre-Nursery to VIII celebrated World Health Day. Learning the importance of exercise to eating healthy food was something the students learnt through various fun activities like Zumba session, Art & Craft activities, etc.

At the end of the day students realized: To enjoy the glow of good health, they must exercise & eat a balanced meal.

Parents' Orientation Workshop

April 04 , 2019

Parents’ Orientation Workshop was held for Parents of Grade Pre-Nursery to V on 3rd April 2019 at SMCS. Through this programme the parents were made familiar with the curriculum, rules & regulations of the school. Keeping up with the spirit of World Health Day (7 April). There were sessions by Dr. Ruby Bansal & Dr. Ritu Chawla on how to keep children healthy & immune. Parents interacted with the resource persons & cleared their queries. Through musical enactment, teachers presented the multidimensional activities that are part of our curriculum, beyond academics. It was a fruitful meeting & the parents were in high spirits after attending the workshop.

I to V Result Declaration 2018-19

March 05 , 2019

Result declaration

St. Mary’s Christian School has declared the result for the classes I & II on Sunday (3-3-2019) and III to V on Monday (4-3-2019). The children came with blooming faces with their parents. They seemed vivacious and enthusiastic to collect their final result. Parents appreciated the efforts made by the teachers for the overall development of their ward. Children clicked beautiful selfies at school’s photo booth with the help of various props and they also captured their proud moment with their teachers, to keep it as a token of their love. All smiles and giggles were there in the school auditorium the result declaration went off well.

Aashirwad Ceremony for Grade X

March 01 , 2019

On 27th February 2019 (Wednesday) SMCS organized Aashirwad Ceremony for Marians of Grade X. Reverend Fr. Sanjay Francis & Manager Sir John Vianney Sharma showered their blessings on the Marians & motivated them to remain honest and enjoy their Board Exams instead of being stressed.

Farewell Ceremony of Grade XII

February 25 , 2019

When one Journey ends another Journey begins. On 23rd February 2019 our school bid farewell to the Marians of grade XII. A grand farewell ceremony was organized by Marians of Grade XI with the help of teaching faculties. Musical drama, dance performances, Ramp walk added glamour to it. The outgoing students of grade XII were blessed by Chief guest Reverend Father Peter Prakash from Baghpat. At the end of the programme each Marian of Grade XII lighted a diya promising to spread the light of knowledge acquired at SMCS.

CBSE Parents Meet

February 19 , 2019

As per CBSE instructions, St. Mary’s Christian School organised Parents Meet for Grades X & XII to enlighten them about the new rules set by CBSE regarding smooth & fair conduct of Board Exams. All the rules were explained in detail by the Principal. Also the Board Admit Cards were distributed to the students.