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I to V Result Declaration 2018-19

March 05 , 2019

Result declaration

St. Mary’s Christian School has declared the result for the classes I & II on Sunday (3-3-2019) and III to V on Monday (4-3-2019). The children came with blooming faces with their parents. They seemed vivacious and enthusiastic to collect their final result. Parents appreciated the efforts made by the teachers for the overall development of their ward. Children clicked beautiful selfies at school’s photo booth with the help of various props and they also captured their proud moment with their teachers, to keep it as a token of their love. All smiles and giggles were there in the school auditorium the result declaration went off well.

Aashirwad Ceremony for Grade X

March 01 , 2019

On 27th February 2019 (Wednesday) SMCS organized Aashirwad Ceremony for Marians of Grade X. Reverend Fr. Sanjay Francis & Manager Sir John Vianney Sharma showered their blessings on the Marians & motivated them to remain honest and enjoy their Board Exams instead of being stressed.

Farewell Ceremony of Grade XII

February 25 , 2019

When one Journey ends another Journey begins. On 23rd February 2019 our school bid farewell to the Marians of grade XII. A grand farewell ceremony was organized by Marians of Grade XI with the help of teaching faculties. Musical drama, dance performances, Ramp walk added glamour to it. The outgoing students of grade XII were blessed by Chief guest Reverend Father Peter Prakash from Baghpat. At the end of the programme each Marian of Grade XII lighted a diya promising to spread the light of knowledge acquired at SMCS.

CBSE Parents Meet

February 19 , 2019

As per CBSE instructions, St. Mary’s Christian School organised Parents Meet for Grades X & XII to enlighten them about the new rules set by CBSE regarding smooth & fair conduct of Board Exams. All the rules were explained in detail by the Principal. Also the Board Admit Cards were distributed to the students.

Tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama Attack

February 15 , 2019

The world witnessed the most barbarous attack on Indian CRPF convoy at Pulwama, J&K. Alongwith the whole nation SMCS deeply mourns the death of the 37 CRPF personnel in this attack. SMCS staff & Marians paid floral tribute to these brave martyrs & observed a 2 minutes silence in their memory. SMCS stands united with the entire nation in the fight against forces of terror.

Conduct of Live programme for Stakeholders

February 14 , 2019

As per CBSE instruction SMCS shouldered the responsibility of making teachers of SMCS aware of the norms laid down by CBSE regarding smooth & fair conduct of examinations & evaluation through live video streaming. All the teachers were equipped with the required information regarding the same.

Road Safety Celebrating

February 14 , 2019

SMCS celebrated Road Safety week making the Marians & SMCS staff aware of road safety rules. They took the road safety pledge to follow the safety rules to be a responsible citizen & the tiny Marians were practically taught the safety rules to be followed on the road.

Artillery Exhibition of Indian Army at Shipra Mall Ghaziabad

February 03 , 2019

Artillery Exhibition of Indian Army was organised at Shipra Mall, Ghaziabad on 03.02.2019 (Sunday). Teachers and students from SMCS visited the exhibition and enhanced their knowledge about the weapons, Indian army information network & the life of Indian soldiers. They also gathered information about the procedure of joining Indian army.


December 01 , 2018

It was a delightful day when Marians got together to organise a fun-filled day for Underprivileged  children of support staff at SMCS. Different activities & games were  organise d for them. Activities related to hygiene, conservation of water & bhasha sangam, art & craft and sport, enabled them to enjoy the day thoroughly & return with attractive gifts & memories, to cherish till we meet again. .

Talk on Measles – Rebella Vaccination Drive

December 01 , 2018

As we are all aware of the Measles - Rubella Vaccine drive initiated by the U.P. Government, SMCS shouldered the responsibility of addressing the queries of the parents related to it & spreading awareness about it. A talk was delivered by S.M.O. of Ghaziabad Dr. Abhishek, supported & accompanied by a team of 4 doctors. The talk relieved the parents & resolved many of their queries related to this drive.


November 30 , 2018

Today a career counselling session was conducted at SMCS for students of Grades XI & XII. Resource person Ms. Linda Oecknick, a professional in the field of consulting & business development, training & skill development, accompanied by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, conducted about various educational & career options available in Germany to pursue their dreams.

Workshop on AIDS Awareness In Yashoda Hospital

November 30 , 2018

As 1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Day every year, a workshop on AIDS Awareness was held in Yashoda Multispecialty Hospital our health partner, for students 21 Marians from Grades X & XI attended this workshop. It helped our young Marians to equip themselves with proper information and update with the recent improvements in medical tests related to AIDS.

Mission Engineering Workshop Attend By SMCS Marians

November 30 , 2017

Today 35 students from Grades XI A & XII A went to Satya Sai Stadium to attend Mission Engineering. The students updated themselves on different scopes of engineering.

Run For Unity (31st October 2018)

October 31 , 2016

On the occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, St. Mary’s Christian School paid a tribute to ‘Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’ by organizing ‘Run for Unity’.

Students of Grades IX to XII enthusiastically participated in the same.

The ‘Run’ was flagged off by honourable Manager Mr. John Vianney Sharma and Principal Ms. Ashu John.   Students along with teachers created awareness among the people in neighbouring areas by voicing out slogans about the importance of being united as a Nation.

To pay sincere respect and homage to the country’s Iron Man who was instrumental to Unite India, a floral tribute was paid to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in the School Campus.

5TH International Annual Exchange Program

October 25 , 2018

International Annual Exchange Programs have become a global trend.      5th International Annual Exchange Program was conducted at St. Mary’s Christian School on 25th October 2018.

Delegates, Dr. Luke Chan, Chairperson at London International Academy, Ontario, Canada, Ms. Holly Zou, Executive Director at LIA and Mr. Percy Fernando, from Mc Master University, participated in this programme.   Marians welcomed them & introduced to varied culture of India through their dance performances.   The Delegates visited the classrooms & interacted with Marians.

Information regarding education system & academic courses offered in London International Academy, Canada, were provided by delegates.   Parents also attended this International Exchange.   This program opened the gateway for Marians, interested in global exposure & opt for the courses offered in London International Academy, to prepare themselves for the global economy.  

The event was covered by print media and title media.


June 29 , 2018

Under the aegis of EAP,

An Orientation cum Augmentation workshop was organised at SMCS , Sahibabad for the faculty members teaching various subjects from Pre-Nursery to Grade VIII. Experts of English , S.Science , Science   , Maths & Hindi having a vast experience with tremendous potential in motivating the learners interacted with the teaching faculty members.

The main points  focused were :-

·         How Teachers or educators are a chain / part of chain to provide human touch to the students.

·         Teachers are the efficiency connector of any curriculum

·         Teachers emphasises on learning styles & understanding of concept.

·         A judicious mix of method based on child’s learning style.

·         Working on planned and structural work style

·         Instead of conventional approach , follow progressive approaches

·         Learning styles: Auditory , Visual , Kinesthetic

·         At last how to make learning in the class room interesting and effective through practical aspect , remedial measures & through integrated approach was discussed .  

This training has inspired all the teachers to use the latest devices and techniques. In this way more and more fine threads and attractive colours can be added to the fabric of day to day teaching to make the learning more friendly and interesting for the students.  

Self Defence Workshop @ SMCS ( 25/05/18)

May 25 , 2018

Today Self Defence Workshop was conducted in St. Mary’s Christian School for female teachers. The resource person was Mr. Naresh Sharma.

The workshop empowered the teachers with different methods of protecting oneself e.g- kicking striking at neck and temple, reverse kicking etc, if physically attacked in any situation. The teaching faculty pledged to create awareness and spread this wave within the society for self defence technique and stay physically strong.


Mother’s Day @SMCS ( 11/05/18)

May 11 , 2018


Mother’s Day is a special day of the year , dedicated to all mothers. Keeping this bonding emotion in mind , we at SMCS had a special celebration on Mother’s Day. Our Director Ma’am Ms. Shobha Sharma and Pricincipal Ma’am Ms. Ashu John inaugurated the workshop with lamp lightning. An opening speech was given by Manager Sir, Mr. John Vianney Sharma who held the mothers high in today’s world. To show their love and respect for their mother, the young enthusiastic Marians presented beautiful dance performances as a tribute to their mothers. An awareness session on ‘Women’s Health Issues’ was conducted for mothers by Dr. Ruby Bansal , H.O.D of Preventive Health,  Yashodha Super speciality Hospital. The session was very informative and interactive. Dr. Ruby imparted valuable information and prevention from anaemia among women, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. A zumba session at the end added beautiful colours to the celebration.

Health Check-up on Labour Day @SMCS (01/05/18)

May 01 , 2018

SMCS   organised   a   health   check – up   for   all   its   workers   in   collaboration   with   the   Yashodha   Super speciality    Hospital   on   the   labour   day   i.e; 1st May 2018.   Renowed   doctors   of   Yashodha   Hospital   conducted   the   camp .   Its   main   purpose   was   to   make   the   support   staff   aware   of   them   health   conditions   specially   B.P.   &   SUGAR   which   will   further   lead   to   positive   life   style   building .

Adolescent Health Promotion and Counselling

April 26 , 2018

SMCS organized   a workshop for the girls & boys of Grade IX to XII on 24/04/18 & 26/04/18. The topic of the workshop was ‘Adolescent Health Promotion and   Counselling ‘ .The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ruby Bansal, the H.O.D of preventive health at Yashodha Multispecialty   Hospital.

The aim of the workshop was to sensitize and orient the young learners about adolescent problems and associated issues with it. The  workshop was divided into various interactive sessions facilitated by the speaker. The workshop featured overviews on the physical and mental health status of adolescents and data trends on the nature, prevalence historical trends, developmental   adolescent mind, family issues, academic issues and of course social issues.

The program helped teens to gain greater control over their actions by giving them tools to respond to challenging situations in constructive and mindful ways. The goals were to bridge multiple disciplines in the biological, health, social and behavioural sciences.




Kachra Samadhan Mahostav Celebration @ Ramleela Maidan Ghaziabad

April 22 , 2018

An exhilarating and enthralling moment for all of us as St. Mary’s Christian School has been acknowledged and appreciated by the eminent personalities and public of Ghaziabad district during ‘Earth Day’. This ‘best out of waste- Battered Teddy Bear’ which was made out of waste items communicating message for saving and respecting girl child was displayed during the ‘Ghaziabad Kachra Samadhan Mahostav’ in Ramleela Maidan. Students’ efforts were at great success in conveying the message against the rising rape culture. We took pledge to provide a safe surrounding to our daughters to help them blossom into harbingers of harmony and happiness. We hope that this endeavour of us Marians will be able to convey and spread the message o f ‘SAY NO TO RAPE’ quite clearly.

Memorable Experience / Learners’ Heaven

April 09 , 2018

For your country

If you plan for a year

Sow paddy

If you plan for a decade

Plant trees

If you plan for future

Nurture the children

-           AN OLD PROVERB

With its motto ‘Enlightened World’, we at SMCS aspire to achieve the goal of creating the most congenial environment for the upliftment of educational levels and moulding the character of the students by multi-dimensional activities.

The first day of Session 2018-19 witnessed multiples of activities for Play School Learners.   These activities include Edu-Sports, Photo shoot session and lot of fun with peers.

Puppet Show was organised for the Pre-Nursery kids.   This proved to be highly entertaining and interesting for the new kinds who have joined the main stream of learners at this tender age.   Another charm of the activity profile was Musical Chair Show for Grade Nursery. The little kids enjoyed their maiden attempt on the very first day in the School Campus.   Photo booth was also a sensation for KG kids.   Aim & Shoot and Hoopla Table also provided funny & overwhelming experience to the little learners.

In the Games & Sports arena, we can really be proud of an elite bank of sports professionals.   Combination of sports with studies makes learning more fruitful and permanent.  We have always attempted to solidify the foundation of the children from the very grass root level.

1.    Specially designed sports activities were organised for children from III to V Std.   
  Obstacle Run was organised for III Class students.   Both boys & girls had their   
  superb experience in this sports activity.

2.   Football basics were taught to IV Class students.   Boys took part wholeheartedly in the football training camp and enjoyed participating in it. These dynamic sports learners also participated in Hit & Run Race and had a nice time enjoying the fun involved.

3.    V Class boys were given training in cricket basics by the expert coach.   V class
       girls enjoyed Frisbee with lot of fun and balancing experience that will last for   
       a long time.

Proleclior of children against sexual abuse.

December 21 , 2017


Child Abuse is a universal problem with dire life-long outcomes. This issue in India is intricate and challenging & the number of children being abused is increasing (1 in every 2 children) dramatically every year and on the other hand there is an alarming number of school going adolescents suffering from emotional and behavioral problems which have their roots in the school and family environment. Looking into these grave present situations, St Mary’s Christian School in collaboration with various renowned organizations took an initiative to conduct a workshop for parents on numerous issues with emphasis on sensitizing parents towards protection of children from sexual abuse from December 18, 2017 to December 21, 2017 (Class Pre-Nursery to VIII) to empower parents on different aspects of nurturing the child.

All four days Dr. Uday K Sinha, Head, Department of Clinical Psychology, IHBAS (Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences) sensitized upon various factors that may lead to Child Sexual Abuse, red flags / warning signs to look out for, measures for protection and parenting skills required in order to provide their child with safe and conducive environment.

With an objective to equip parents with the necessary knowledge, skills & attitude which are simple to adopt in everyday practice, Ms. Ashu John (Principal, St. Mary’s Christian School) focused on Myths a Misconceptions about sex education in changing socio-cultural environment.

Apart from above topic, various speakers from well known organizations also joined the event/workshop to apprise parents on following issues on particular days as below:

Day 1 – 18th December 2017 – (Class VI to VIII)

TOPIC – Building positive self-esteem among teens.


Dr. Om Sai Ramesh V, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Lady Hardinge Medical College was invited to deliver a talk on how to strengthen a child’s self esteem through various means like healthy relationships, love for one’s own well being, spending quality time with parents, reinforcing the child to believe & achieve, parents to accept the child the way they are etc.

Day 2 – 19th December 2017 – (Class III to V)

TOPIC – Disciplinary strategies: alternative to punishment


Dr. Nitin Raut, Specialist, Department of Psychiatry, Lady Hardinge Medical College joined us to have an interactive session on how to discipline a child without using punishment as a measure to handle them. The various ways discussed were: talking and using words instead of actions, listening to the child, explaining them reasons, understanding & rectifying the root cause of particular behavior of child to facilitate tension regulation and aid the child with more mature ways of handling emotions.



Day 3 – 20th December 2017 – (Class I & II)

TOPIC – Childhood obesity


Dr.  Ruby Bansal, Sr. Consultant & Head, Preventive Medicine, Yashoda Hospital, Sahibabad delivered session on various factors which lead to obesity like lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, etc.  To help child deal with obesity; various aspects like healthy nutrition, indulgence in sports, regular exercise and motivation to healthy lifestyle were also discussed in the forum.



Day 4 – 21th December 2017 – (Class Pre-Nursery to K.G.)

TOPIC – Health and Nutrition

Dr. Ritu Chawla, Sr. Child Nutritionist guided parents on different micro & macro nutrients required by a child, healthy fruits & vegetables and their replacements. A sample diet chart was also shared with the parents to give them a glimpse of kind of diet a child should intake. She also handled queries like fussy eaters, recipes for tasty and healthy snacks and numerous lifestyle diseases caused due to unhealthy eating.

These workshops were great success where more than 750 parents actively participated and shared their concerns with the school.

Also cultural shows were conducted on all 4 days where students of different grades performed on various social issues like Save the Girl child, Save Water, Importance of School Life and conservation of environment etc. Moreover dance performances, Christmas and New Year Celebrations were also part of the event.

Child Sexual Abuse

October 31 , 2017

Child Sexual Abuse is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent used a child for sexual stimulation.

Child Sexual Abuse is one of the most heinous crime a person can get involved into. Where over leaders propagate about children as future of over nation. We are not even making this place safe for them.

As per the current census, every day 40 children are raped, 48 children are sexually abused and in every 6 minutes, a child goes missing.

To transform India into a child – friendly country where every child is free, safe, educated and healthy, a march (Bharat Yatra) was organised covering 11,000 Kms across 22 states and Union Territories by Shri Kailash Satyarthi’s Children’s Foundation aiming at “ Surakshit Bachpan Surakshit Bharat”.

To welcome this contingent, Ingrahm Institute (Ghaziabad) organised an event in their school.

Two students of St. Mary’s Christian School [ Anurag Negi (XII A) and Darshana Menon (X A)] along with two teachers participated in the event.

As the programme aimed at raising awareness about child Abuse & Child Protection a panel discussion was held which included legal experts, educationist and representatives of NGOs.

The panellists touched numerous vulnerable issues like: Mental & Physical Condition of an abused child, reaction of society, involvement of caretakers in this situation, important telephone nos. Etc.

The discussion was extremely fruitful and widened the horizons of knowledge a person may have about such a critical issue.

Run for Unity

October 31 , 2017


On birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel run for unity was organised in SMCS . Students from IX to XII participated with zeal and displayed the spirit of oneness.


Halloween Celebration

October 31 , 2017

Marians were taught with the mode of A-V about importance of Halloween. Students of Grade VIII made a beautiful story presentation which engaged interest of students across grades.

Marians also prepared greeting cards to wish each other and decorate their classroom in the spirit of celebration.

Gandhi Jayanti and Birth Anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Celebration

October 02 , 2017

SMCS Family celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Birth Anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri on 2/10/2017.

The Managing committee, faculty members and helping  staff together paid homage to the great personalities by performing garlanding ceremony and offering flowers. Bhajans were sung to add zeal to the ambience. Everyone pledged to observe cleanliness in vicinity and participated in the cleanliness drive.

The celebration was followed by a hearty lunch.

Mock Fire – Safety Cum Evacuation Drill

September 25 , 2017

In order to inculcate self – sufficiency & educate children to stay safe during unforeseen events, a Mock Fire – Safety Cum Evacuation  Drill was organised for students of SMCS.

The resource person aroused awareness about various objects in surrounding how a small act of carelessness can lead to a life threatening accident caused by fire.

He explained about the usage of fire extinguishers, evacuation, rescue protocol, first aid & CPR as well.

A mock demo of ‘rescue of the injured’ & ‘CPR’ was conducted.

The Resource person along with Sir Manager encouraged students to educate, friends, parents & other family members, to practise evacuation and first aid protocol during the times of emergency.

International Exchange Program

September 23 , 2017

International  exchange program was organised by SMCS on 23 September 2017 i.e. Saturday. Students, Teachers & Parents from Anal Jyoti School, Nepal, visited SMCS to strengthen up the friendship ties & to participate in cultural & literary exchange activities.

The day commenced by lamp lighting ceremony, followed by vibrant cultural show put up by the students of SMCS & Anal Jyoti, Nepal.

The literary activities included learning about –R5 protocol for Environment Preservation, Healthy Food Quiz, Poster Making competition , Essay writing competition and Rangoli making competition.

Global issues of ‘ women empowerment ’ was taken by Grade X students of both the schools for a seminar.

This is unique learning experience enlightened the Marian campus, with waves of knowledge & happiness. 

Skype conversation

August 31 , 2017

On 31.08.17 , a skype conversation was held between Marians of Grade 9 and students of Annal Jyoti Boarding School Grade 9  under International Learning Experience. The interaction aimed at exchanging knowledge and building intellectual capacity  about Environmental Development, Preservation and Management.

Students exchanged dialogues on R5 [ Respect, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Replenish ]. The session not only  enriched students intellectually but also paved ways to strengthen the friendship across border.