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In classes Pre-Nursery to V : Special Integrated, Thematic Pedagogy is followed :

The design of the curriculum is such that it facilitates the process of learning by doing and helps the children to explore and apply newly learned skills independently.

The curriculum and its delivery is organized to sensitize multiple intelligence of the children as they show intelligence in atleast 8 different ways:

Logical: Mathematical Intelligence
Verbal: Linguistic Intelligence
Musical: Rhythmic Intelligence
Visual: Spatial Intelligence
Bodily: kinesthetic Intelligence
Interpersonal: social Intelligence
Intrapersonal: Introspective Intelligence
Environmental: Naturalist learning

At SMCS, we believe that students learn better when they take the initiative to apply concepts to practice, to solve real problems, to make decisions, and to reflect on the consequences i.e. Experiential Learning.

Observational learning techniques are also used to improve student learning outcomes, produce desired behaviors and enhance student motivation and self-perception.

One of the distinctive features of the curriculum is that it has been administered effectively amongst specific age group of children. The curriculum has adequate credentials and creates opportunities for the children to learn something new with a different perspective every time. Moreover, the curriculum has been constantly subjected to research development analysis, modification and enrichment.

The paraphernalia of the integrated curriculum includes books on comprehensive themes, easy accessible materials, handout booklets, workbook, teachers’ guides and parents handbook for introduction, reinforcement and extension of course content.

IN Class VI to XII :

The curriculum being followed at the school is based on the guidelines issued by Central Board of Secondary Education and National Curriculum Framework and forces on integration of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic components. The teaching methodology is child-oriented, skill based and emphasizes inclusive education thus allowing learning at one's own pace. Under this integrated and inclusive approach, different disciplines are beautifully integrated into multipurpose lessons to help students recognize connections amongst subjects and to make opportunities to apply skills from one discipline to another.

Note :::

Sanskrit/ French is taught as language in classes V to VIII
In Class IX Students have to make a choice between hindi & Sanskrit.

Courses of Study (Class XI to XII)

The Senior School Certificate (+ 2 Scheme) has been divided into three Streams :

S.No. Stream Subject
1 SCIENCE English (Core), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Physical and Health education.
2 COMMERCE English (Core), Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Informatics Practises, Physical and Health Education
3 HUMANITIES English (Core), Economics, Polictical Science, Sociology, History, Informatics Practises, Physical and Health Education, Hindi

Skill Education

List of Skill Subjects offered at Secondary & Senior Secondary Level

S.No. Class Courses Offered as per CBSE
1 IX - X IX & X Skill Education List
2 XI - XII XI & XII Skill Education List