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Online Etiquette

Hello dear students!! Hope all of you are keeping well.

It has almost been two years that you have been using the virtual mode of learning (Online classes) to continue uninterrupted learning process. Though you have adapted very well in navigating this unfamiliar terrain & continue to do that, it is time that we reiterate the netiquette to ensure trouble free, smooth Virtual classes.

Let's recall & promise to follow these rules....

  • On time - Let us learn to respect the schedule & norms of our school. Be on time to join the online classes.
  • Wear my Uniform - School uniform brings in uniformity. Dress like you are going to school. It will help create a school like ambience. Or wear a decent attire when on Zoom. Also you will feel energized & confident.
  • My Identity - To avoid misuse of your identities, use your ID card or recent passport size photo as profile picture during Zoom meetings.
  • My background - Before entering the meeting, make sure you don’t have anything inappropriate in your background. Also, having a wall behind you can ensure that your family members aren’t there in the background.
  • My seat - Your virtual meeting is the same as attending class. If you were at school for class, you would not be lying down in bed. Avoid taking classes while lying on bed. Sit at a table or desk.
  • Well lighted place - Choose a well lit room as it helps you see clearly & a properly lighted ambience aids to positive vibes.
  • My Webcam- It's good to show your face to give the impression that you are actively engaged in the lesson. Make right use of your Webcam.
  • Muting myself - There is no problem in keeping yourself muted if it is not your turn to speak. Just remember to unmute yourself when it is your turn to speak or to raise any query.
  • Be kind & formal - Make it a point to be respectful in your comments. Conduct yourself in an online class with same respect & professionalism that you would exhibit in a real life classroom.
  • Be present - Being present is more than just clicking “Join Meeting.” You should attend class meetings in an attentive way with full focus & concentration. Avoid distractions like watching something else in a different tab.
  • Knowledge - The web is full of resources that can help you with your school works. But be careful to choose between the right & the wrong.
  • Recess - Self care is important. Use the Recess to renew yourself - Have sufficient nutritious meal during the stipulated recess time. This will keep you physically, emotionally & spiritually healthy!No eating/ munching is allowed during the sessions. However drink ample amount of water to keep yourselves hydrated.
  • Don’t multitask - It may be very tempting because your computer is already open; all it takes is one click, and you’ll be in a new tab surfing the wide-open internet. But, remember, this is still a class. Being distracted and missing information or an invitation to speak can be the cause of your decline in your performance.
  • Use the chat - Zoom includes chat option while in a virtual meeting. This is a great place to ask questions or for clarification without disrupting the meeting. Make use of it when required.
  • Assignment completion - Complete and submit all learning tasks and homework assigned by your teachers on the scheduled date. That saves you from burden of pending work & scolding of your teachers!

And finally, Spread love , Be empathetic - Avoid using/typing foul words. Before posting a rude comment, think of a classmate who might be struggling with a problem. Before sharing your personal information think of a hacker who might be waiting for a prey. Always be careful. Don't fall prey to a Cyber crime! Remember what goes online, stays online forever! Think before you CLICK.

Happy Online Learning!!!