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Community Outreach Program

Literacy Day Celebration !!

September 09 2015

SMCS celebrated the International Literacy Day on 8th September, 2015 with an outreach campaign in slum area Tahirpur, Delhi to create awareness among the underprivileged class, about the extraordinary value of written words and of the necessity to promote a literate society, with the help of its faculty members and students. To imbibe the sense of holistic development among students variety of activities were introduced such as Skit Presentation, Interactive Session on Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness, Edu Sports, Rhyme Recitation etc. Prizes, books, stationary and gifts were also distributed among those children to motivate them.

SMCS tried to make them realize that literacy is the catalyst for social & global progress and raised a united voice to rediscover the joys of reading while creating awareness for those without access to education.

Charity Day celebrated in Nayi Asha Aashram, Meerut

September 09 2015

A Special day made more Meaningful !!

On 5th September the teachers and students of SMCS celebrated the Teachers Day cum the  CHARITY DAY in the most unique way possible..

They visited  NAYI ASHA AASHRAM, Daurala, Meerut and spent their whole day with its students organized different activities like Dance competition, Singing & Sports fun activities..

What a brilliant way to brighten the hearts of those special little kids in that gated Ashram.

Marians’ Initiative To Save Hindon

May 10 2015

On 10th May, 2014; around 6:00 am the students & teachers of St. Mary’s Christian School along wi th ‘Jal Biradari’ District Co-ordinator Mr. Vikrant Sharma set off their journey with tagline save to Hindon River.<br><br>

The basic motive behind organizing this educational trip was to create awareness in our students regarding our precious river being polluted. Especially River ‘Hindon’ which has been extremely polluted and its polluted water has damaged the life of the inmates of the neighbouring villages.<br><br>

The day started off enthusiastically, right from the school premises to the village called ‘Suthari’ where Hindon was supposed to be the source of life and the students also observed the archeological remains of Harappa Civilization.

National Unity Day Celebration

October 31 2015

On the occasion of National Unity day (31st October 2014), Marians (classes I – XII) have participated in the activities promoting the values of national Unity, Integrity, Safety and Security.

Special assembly was organized involving lamp lighting in memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pledge for Unity and cultural Event. Classes XI – XII students participated in “Run for Unity” in our neighourhood to highlight the virtue of national unity in the society & to upload the unity integrity and safety our dear mother land INDIA and all.

Highlights Of The Delegates From Nepal

January 16 2015

On 16th Jan, 2015, a much awaited moment was celebrated in SMCS. SMCS proudly hosted the delegates from Annal Jyoti Boarding School, Kathmandu, Nepal, under British Council Exchange Programme. A warm welcome was extended by the Principal, Teachers & Students of SMCS followed by collaborative Assembly. The event was inaugurated by releasing Balloons into the sky. After the enthralling Dance performances under Cultural Exchange, ISA Projects were displayed, where activities related to all the 9 projects were performed by the students from Nepal in association with Marians.

The main attraction for the day was presenting the WATER CONSERVATION POLICY by the Principal of Annal Jyoti Boarding School & Mr. Vidya Bhushan (IAS) OSD, GDA under the project “Water Works” at the City Forest, near Hindon Airbase. Students from both the schools were taken to City Forest to present the Water Policy to Mr. Vidya Bhushan where they enthusiastically participated in Drawing Workshop organized by the school in collaboration with Hindon Jal Biradari. The day ended with the awarding certificates and mementos to the participants and the delegation from Nepal.

Save Water : Door To Door Campaign

January 31 2015

SMCS initiated a Door to Door awareness Campaign in streets of Sahibabad(Rajender Nagar, Shalimar Garden, Extn 1 & 2) for the “usage of clean and healthy water and saving water for life” on 31.01.15. To create awareness in the local community regarding preservation of Water, Marians had a talk with people living nearby and described their ongoing research, surveys and told them various ways to prevent Water Wastage in household with the hope that people will take care how to save water and to keep their surroundings clean. Marians also distributed leaflets describing the need and ways for preventing water wastage in household. This Awareness Campaign led by the Principal Ms. Ashu John proved to be a big instrument to bring about greater Community involvement for Water Wastage.