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Community Outreach Program

Parents’ Workshop on- Exam Preparedness & Child Safety & Security (Sept 2019)

September 20 2019

As Exams are round the corner, exam stress is a problem faced by both students & parents & both can suffer from stress & anxiety.

Keeping this in mind SMCS organised a workshop today for parents to guide & empower them on the issues of Exam Preparedness & Child Safety & Security. The session was led by Principal Ma’am Ashu John who apprised the audience about how parents play a crucial role in School Home Partnership which in turn enhances the holistic growth of the child academically as well as emotionally.

Through this interactive & informative workshop the parents recognised the areas to work upon to enable skilful handling of exam stress & ways to secure the safety of children like teaching them good touch bad touch, Learning to say ‘No’ etc.

Parents’ Workshop on Handling Exam Stress & Threats to Children’s Safety & Security (September 2019)

September 20 2019

Exams are synonymous with stress & anxiety both for parents & children. Teenagers now face more pressure & competition today, accompanied by severe stress. Developing self control is the most vital tool that needs to be inculcated in teens for preparing themselves to encounter the challenges of life. To cater to the issues of handling exam stress & safety & security of teens, an informative workshop was organised at our school today led by Principal Ma’am Ashu John. The session was concluded by Manager Sir emphasizing on positive parenting, exam stress busters & pivotal role of parents in school Home partnership through mindful interventions for developing the skills to cope with stress & secure the safety of children.

Jal shakti Abhiyan

September 20 2019

Forging ahead the initiative of Honorable PM’s Jal shakti Abhiyan the second phase of door to door campaign was organised by St. Mary’s Christian School on 17/08/2019 wherein students of Grade IX-XII stepped out of the school to sensitise the people in the neighborhood, how rainwater can be harvested at an individual level.

This event is in continuation of the awareness drive initiated on 10th August at SMCS where students prepared working models to explain the various ways to harvest rainwater to more than 1000 parents, in addition to an informative handout distributed in the neighborhood. SMCS aims to create a society of responsible citizens committed to conservation, preservation & protection of environment, striving towards a life in perfect harmony with nature.

Best Out of Waste Exhibition 2019

September 20 2019

Best Out of Waste Exhibition


In order to make Marians aware of various uses of waste materials an exhibition of various creative & decorative things created by students were displayed at SMCS. Little hands & imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, recycle, conversation, reduce, recycle, reuse, etc are imbibed in the young hearts by this act of caring for our environment.


September 20 2019

Taking Hob’ble PM’s Jal Shakti Abhiyan forward, on 10th  August at SMCS, an awareness drive to promote rain water harvesting was organized. In the initiative the students sensitized more than 1000 parents. Parents were made aware about the depleting water resources. The working models attracted parent’s attention. Motivated and inspired by the students efforts and presentation. Parents pledged to practise Rain Water Harvesting along with this a door to door campaign was also organized wherein students stepped out to promote how rain water can be harvested at an individual level. An informative handout too was distributed in the n  eighbourhood.

Climate Action is the way to go!

September 20 2019

Dear Parents & Families

Climate action is the way to go! SMCS has shouldered the initiative to ensure that Marians practise waste segregation at home and school.  Every month each class will be assessed on the basis of cleanliness & waste management and the best class will be awarded suitably. 

As partners in social awareness, kindly practise waste segregation at home and share pictures, videos and write-ups at Principal’s Email ID i.e.

The best practices will be uploaded on the School Website.

Promoting Rain Water Harvesting

September 20 2019

Alarming as it may sound, within the next few decades, the lack of freshwater in certain areas will aggravate and cause one of the greatest ever faced challenge to the world population. To educate the young people and raise awareness on global water crisis, Marians of grades IX-XII prepared models on Rainwater harvesting in their House Meeting. It served at hands-on learning experience which they can utilize and apply in their daily lives and eventually contribute towards conservation of water in whatever little bit they can.

Workshop on Safety of Girls

September 20 2019

With a purpose of girls’ & women’s safety a workshop for girls of grade IX – XII was organised at SMCS with the support of Uttar Pradesh Government officials- Shri Govind Singh S.I. Sahibabad, Ms. Manju Sharma Head Constable, Sahibabad & Ms. Pooja Sharma, Mahila Kalyan Vibhag, U.P. Government. It was based on Women power line. They advised & gave various suggestions for self defence & self protection of girls. They focussed on “Right to live Respectfully & Right to Safety”. The consequences of different signs of harassment like touch, comments, follow up,  Eve Teasing, domestic Violence  were discussed. The helpline numbers applicable in different situations were shared with the female students so that they can opt if required. Installation of “Pink box” within school premises for filing the silent complaints from students was officially planned.

Also school administration was suggested to train the girls through Judo, Scout & Guides activities which SMCS has been shouldering since its inception. SMCS is thankful to the U.P Government for taking this initiative for apprising the girls on self- defence & self protection.

Global Road Safety Week (2019)

September 20 2019

On account of celebration of global road safety week, Marians of SMCS shouldered the responsibility to create awareness among the bus drivers of SMCS about road safety rules & importance of observing traffic rules.

Posters, Placards, Slogans highlighting the observance of traffic rules were displayed. Also students of grades VI-VIII took the initiative to sensitize the students of grades Pre-Nursery to V about the various aspects of roads safety. Our young Marians seem to assimilate their role as empowered future citizen & embrace the responsibility to bring a change in the society.

Dengue & Malaria Awareness Workshop (2019)

September 20 2019

Diseases like Dengue & Malaria can hamper health system in any developing country. School can play an excellent role in delivering important health education messages to school children through various workshops.

Today, Students from Grades VI-VIII attended a workshop on Awareness about Dengue & Malaria. The speaker Dr. Poonam from Yashoda Superspecialty hospital apprised the students about preventive measures to combat dengue & malaria hence keeping themselves & their family safe.

Community Outreach Programme (Nukkad Natak)

September 20 2019

Today Marians shouldered the responsibility of sensitizing the local residents about the importance of their vote in upcoming Parliament Election through a Nukkad Natak at Chandrashekhar Park in Shalimar Garden Extension-II. The students were highly praised and they were able to instill an excitement among the residents about the upcoming election.


September 20 2019

It was a delightful day when Marians got together to organise a fun-filled day for Underprivileged  children of support staff at SMCS. Different activities & games were   organise  d for them. Activities related to hygiene, conservation of water & bhasha sangam, art & craft and sport, enabled them to enjoy the day thoroughly & return with attractive gifts & memories, to cherish till we meet again.  .

Workshop on AIDS Awareness In Yashoda Hospital

September 20 2019

As 1st  December is celebrated as World AIDS Day every year, a workshop on AIDS Awareness was held in Yashoda Multispecialty Hospital our health partner, for students 21 Marians from Grades X & XI attended this workshop. It helped our young Marians to equip themselves with proper information and update with the recent improvements in medical tests related to AIDS.

Kachra Samadhan Mahostav Celebration @ Ramleela Maidan Ghaziabad

September 20 2019

An exhilarating and enthralling moment for all of us as St. Mary’s Christian School has been acknowledged and appreciated by the eminent personalities and public of Ghaziabad district during ‘Earth Day’. This  ‘best out of waste- Battered Teddy Bear’  which was made out of waste items communicating message for saving and respecting girl child was displayed during the ‘Ghaziabad Kachra Samadhan Mahostav’  in Ramleela Maidan. Students’ efforts were at great success in conveying the message against the rising rape culture. We took pledge to provide a safe surrounding to our daughters to help them blossom into harbingers of harmony and happiness. We hope that this endeavour of us Marians will be able to convey and spread the message o f  ‘SAY NO TO RAPE’  quite clearly.

My Neighborhood Tour Grade-I

September 20 2019

Students of Grade went on a field trip is being  28.07.17 during the school hours . Students went in the school  bus on 'My Neighbourhood Tour' to see different places like Shopping Mall, Hospital, Salon, Playground, Police Station, Fire Station, Post Office etc in the community. 
Such visits equip students with better understanding of how our society works by helping each other in coordination. It was a fun-filled day combined with learning of practical aspect of life as well.

Nukkad Natak – “ Upcoming Election 2017”

September 20 2019

On 4 February 2017, Marians from class 6 to 8 took the plunge to further spread awareness about importance of voting through Nukkad Natak and door – to-door awareness drive under Faculty’s supervision.

Chandrashekhar Park, Ekta Park & Daayanand park were covered, wherein students, through the mode of a meaningful story in Nukkad Natak; explained the importance of voting. Student of Grade VI to VIII along with faculty, visited the neighbourhood to educate about the same.

The enthusiasm of students was appreciated by the onlookers and they promised to cast their vote on 11.02.17.

Literacy Day Celebration !!

September 09 2015

SMCS celebrated the International Literacy Day on 8th September, 2015 with an outreach campaign in slum area Tahirpur, Delhi to create awareness among the underprivileged class, about the extraordinary value of written words and of the necessity to promote a literate society, with the help of its faculty members and students. To imbibe the sense of holistic development among students variety of activities were introduced such as Skit Presentation, Interactive Session on Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness, Edu Sports, Rhyme Recitation etc. Prizes, books, stationary and gifts were also distributed among those children to motivate them.

SMCS tried to make them realize that literacy is the catalyst for social & global progress and raised a united voice to rediscover the joys of reading while creating awareness for those without access to education.

Charity Day celebrated in Nayi Asha Aashram, Meerut

September 09 2015

A Special day made more Meaningful !!

On 5th September the teachers and students of SMCS celebrated the Teachers Day cum the  CHARITY DAY in the most unique way possible..

They visited  NAYI ASHA AASHRAM, Daurala, Meerut and spent their whole day with its students organized different activities like Dance competition, Singing & Sports fun activities..

What a brilliant way to brighten the hearts of those special little kids in that gated Ashram.

Marians’ Initiative To Save Hindon

May 10 2015

On 10th May, 2014; around 6:00 am the students & teachers of St. Mary’s Christian School along wi th ‘Jal Biradari’ District Co-ordinator Mr. Vikrant Sharma set off their journey with tagline save to Hindon River.<br><br>

The basic motive behind organizing this educational trip was to create awareness in our students regarding our precious river being polluted. Especially River ‘Hindon’ which has been extremely polluted and its polluted water has damaged the life of the inmates of the neighbouring villages.<br><br>

The day started off enthusiastically, right from the school premises to the village called ‘Suthari’ where Hindon was supposed to be the source of life and the students also observed the archeological remains of Harappa Civilization.

National Unity Day Celebration

October 31 2015

On the occasion of National Unity day (31st October 2014), Marians (classes I – XII) have participated in the activities promoting the values of national Unity, Integrity, Safety and Security.

Special assembly was organized involving lamp lighting in memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Pledge for Unity and cultural Event. Classes XI – XII students participated in “Run for Unity” in our neighourhood to highlight the virtue of national unity in the society & to upload the unity integrity and safety our dear mother land INDIA and all.

Highlights Of The Delegates From Nepal

January 16 2015

On 16th Jan, 2015, a much awaited moment was celebrated in SMCS. SMCS proudly hosted the delegates from Annal Jyoti Boarding School, Kathmandu, Nepal, under British Council Exchange Programme. A warm welcome was extended by the Principal, Teachers & Students of SMCS followed by collaborative Assembly. The event was inaugurated by releasing Balloons into the sky. After the enthralling Dance performances under Cultural Exchange, ISA Projects were displayed, where activities related to all the 9 projects were performed by the students from Nepal in association with Marians.

The main attraction for the day was presenting the WATER CONSERVATION POLICY by the Principal of Annal Jyoti Boarding School & Mr. Vidya Bhushan (IAS) OSD, GDA under the project “Water Works” at the City Forest, near Hindon Airbase. Students from both the schools were taken to City Forest to present the Water Policy to Mr. Vidya Bhushan where they enthusiastically participated in Drawing Workshop organized by the school in collaboration with Hindon Jal Biradari. The day ended with the awarding certificates and mementos to the participants and the delegation from Nepal.

Save Water : Door To Door Campaign

January 31 2015

SMCS initiated a Door to Door awareness Campaign in streets of Sahibabad(Rajender Nagar, Shalimar Garden, Extn 1 & 2) for the “usage of clean and healthy water and saving water for life” on 31.01.15. To create awareness in the local community regarding preservation of Water, Marians had a talk with people living nearby and described their ongoing research, surveys and told them various ways to prevent Water Wastage in household with the hope that people will take care how to save water and to keep their surroundings clean. Marians also distributed leaflets describing the need and ways for preventing water wastage in household. This Awareness Campaign led by the Principal Ms. Ashu John proved to be a big instrument to bring about greater Community involvement for Water Wastage.