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Community Outreach Program

Road Safety Human Chain

23 Jan 2023

We recognize the value of life & appreciate the power of serving the nation. As initiated by Govt. Of India & CBSE, Road Safety Human Chain & Road Safety Pledge were organized at St. Mary's Christian School, Sahibabad. Also they were enlightened about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose & his vision of life & contribution in freedom struggle of India.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic

20 May 2022

The government of India has banned single-use plastic from July 1st, 2022 across the nation. SMCS urges all its stake holders to do their bit to conserve environment in pursuance of its global climate goals (SD)

Road Safety Awareness and Community Outreach Programme

20 May 2022

We @SMCS recognize the value of life & appreciate the power of serving the nation. As initiated by CBSE, various activities on Road Safety Awareness were organized at St. Mary's Christian School, Sahibabad. The celebration included activities like role play, speech, Hindi essay writing competition, poster making. Community outreach programme like door to door campaign, Awareness Rally & Nukkad Natak were conducted by students of Grades IX-XII creating awareness among people in the community.

Parents' Workshop on- Exam Preparedness & Child Safety & Security (Sept 2019)

27 Sep 2019

As Exams are round the corner, exam stress is a problem faced by both students & parents & both can suffer from stress & anxiety. Keeping this in mind SMCS organised a workshop today for parents to guide & empower them on the issues of Exam Preparedness & Child Safety & Security. The session was led by Principal Ma'am Ashu John who apprised the audience about how parents play a crucial role in School Home Partnership which in turn enhances the holistic growth of the child academically as well as emotionally. Through this interactive & informative workshop the parents recognised the areas to work upon to enable skilful handling of exam stress & ways to secure the safety of children like teaching them good touch bad touch, Learning to say "No"etc.

Jal shakti Abhiyan

17 Aug 2019

Forging ahead the initiative of Honorable PM's Jal shakti Abhiyan the second phase of door to door campaign was organised by St. Mary's Christian School on 17/08/2019 wherein students of Grade IX-XII stepped out of the school to sensitise the people in the neighborhood, how rainwater can be harvested at an individual level. This event is in continuation of the awareness drive initiated on 10th August at SMCS where students prepared working models to explain the various ways to harvest rainwater to more than 1000 parents, in addition to an informative handout distributed in the neighborhood. SMCS aims to create a society of responsible citizens committed to conservation, preservation & protection of environment, striving towards a life in perfect harmony with nature.

Best Out of Waste Exhibition 2019

11 July 2019

Best Out of Waste Exhibition (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) In order to make Marians aware of various uses of waste materials an exhibition of various creative & decorative things created by students were displayed at SMCS. Little hands & imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, recycle, conversation, reduce, recycle, reuse, etc are imbibed in the young hearts by this act of caring for our environment.

Rain Water Harvesting

04 July 2019

Taking Honourable PM's Jal Shakti Abhiyan forward, on 10th August at SMCS, an awareness drive to promote rain water harvesting was organized. In the initiative the students sensitized more than 1000 parents. Parents were made aware about the depleting water resources. The working models attracted parent's attention. Motivated and inspired by the students efforts and presentation. Parents pledged to practise Rain Water Harvesting along with this a door to door campaign was also organized wherein students stepped out to promote how rain water can be harvested at an individual level. An informative handout too was distributed in the n eighbourhood.

Climate Action is the way to go!

08 May 2019

Dear Parents & Families
Climate action is the way to go! SMCS has shouldered the initiative to ensure that Marians practise waste segregation at home and school. Every month each class will be assessed on the basis of cleanliness & waste management and the best class will be awarded suitably. As partners in social awareness, kindly practise waste segregation at home and share pictures, videos and write-ups at Principal’s Email ID i.e. The best practices will be uploaded on the School Website.

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